>You are a target

Target Criminal hackers will try to trick you into handing over your username and password, or to run malicious software which gives them control of your computer. They will try to convince you to click through to a counterfeit or hacked website.

They will attempt to install malware by exploiting unpatched software or tricking you into opening an email attachment or downloaded file that appears to be something else.

nce you've been hacked cyber criminals can do a lot of damage, including:

Encrypt all the data on your computer and demand money to decrypt it Access your sensitive data

Do not buy goods or other items or transfer your money or online resources which may appear genuine.

Use your computer to send spam, host and distribute illegal content or launch attacks on other peoples computers.

Reset access to your other online profiles and accounts or create new ones in your identity

Stolen usernames, passwords and personal details are also sold on underground markets to other Cyber criminals who can then also do all the above.